Within Temptation: Bleed Out (Smoked Marbled)

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Within Temptation, the acclaimed Dutch symphonic metal band, is preparing to mesmerize fans with their eighth studio album Bleed Out, set to be released on October 20, 2023. This limited edition album will be available on smoke colored vinyl, making it a must-have for collectors. Bleed Out marks a significant leap forward for the band, showcasing their versatility and growth. From contemporary and hard-hitting djenty riffs to breathtaking melodies that pay homage to their symphonic roots, Within Temptation has crafted a musical journey that seamlessly blends various genres and tackles thought-provoking themes. The album’s epic nature is matched by its fearlessly outspoken nature, as the band takes a stand on important issues. Tracks like “Wireless” and “We Go To War” delve into the aggression seen in war-torn regions like Ukraine, while the title track sheds light on the struggles of women fighting for their rights in Iran, following the tragic murder of Mahsa Amini. “Don’t Pray For Me,” one of the album’s singles, addresses the complexities surrounding a woman’s right to choose. Throughout the record, this passionate and political focus is reflected in the intense and heavy music. Embracing a new era of musical exploration and lyrical depth, Within Temptation has pushed boundaries and showcased their artistic evolution. Bleed Out serves as a powerful declaration of their moral convictions and their fearlessness in tackling societal issues through their music. With a vast range of dynamics that delves into the depths of symphonic heaviness, Bleed Out is both musically exhilarating and politically profound.

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