Yusuf / Cat Stevens: King of a Land (Limited Edition – Green)

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‘King of a Land’ is a captivating and ambitious album, over a decade in the making. Yusuf’s 12 new songs, full of surprises, transport listeners to a world that embraces lost lands, truisms, and stainless youth. His poetic storytelling takes us on a journey towards an alternative universe where happy endings are possible. With diverse influences, from hard-rock in ‘Pagan Run’ to Tchaikovsky-inspired orchestrations on ‘How Good It Feels’ and Phil Spector-goes-gospel vibes in ‘Highness,’ the album offers a rich sonic tapestry. Award-winning children’s illustrator Peter H Reynolds created the album’s artwork, including illustrations for each song in the accompanying booklet. The vinyl and booklet come housed in a stunning gatefold sleeve.


Disc: 1
1 Train on a Hill
2 King of a Land
3 Pagan Run
4 He is True
5 All Nights, All Days
6 Another Night in the Rain
Disc: 2
1 Things
2 Son of Mary
3 Highness
4 The Boy Who Knew How to Climb Walls
5 How Good It Feels
6 Take the World Apart

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